25 Days Away!


July 31, 2014 by lennygore

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted on the blog in quite a while. (April 11th to be exact!) That’s weird right?  Well, I’m out of the cave and squinting my eyes against the harsh light of the world to give ya’ll (or is it y’all?) an update on my wife’s pregnancy and how quickly the B-Day is approaching!

  • The title of this post is, as you may have guessed, the number of days left (!) until Jaime’s Induction date.  We were initially given a delivery date of 8/31 but due to her still technically being classified as “high risk”, her OB/GYN is having us come in a week early to be induced!
  • These past 3 months have been hectic in terms of Baby Room Prep!  Here is a list of all the lovely items we’ve gathered:  Crib (Ikea); Pack ‘n Play bassinet/playyard (Baby Shower); Stroller/Car Seat (Target); 4 Drawer Dresser (Ikea); Changing Pad (Walmart); Wall Sticker Decals (Walmart); Bouncer/Swing (Baby Shower); and numerous baby books (Office Baby Shower)  I’ve probably missed a few things, but rest assured… the baby will have a nice comfortable layout when it gets home!
  • We went to 3 classes at the hospital where we got a introduction to “You’re About to Have a Baby.  Here’s How to Keep it Alive!”  It was our first time being around sooo many other pregnant ladies and their husbands/boyfriends/significant others.  Got to swaddle the fake baby and get on the floor and practice the breathing methods.
  • My wife has continued to grow in size (belly wise) and it’s been Amazing to put my hand on her and actually feel strong kicks coming from inside my wife.  And she also tells me whenever I speak to the baby, it will definitely kick and react to my voice!  So I know we’re pretty much best friends already.
  • And my office at work actually threw me a “daddy shower” and gave us a lot of nice baby stuff and gift cards… It really helps when half the office is made up of grandparents just itching to fawn over a new (pseudo)grandchild!

Well, that’s all I have for ya today.  I’m just glad I finally got off my butt and wrote something for you to take in! 

P.S. Oh right, we decided to wait and not find out our baby’s gender!  It either gets a reaction like “Oh my god! How could you possibly not want to know?!?!  I found out IMMEDIATELY!”  or “Awww, that’s so sweet! It’s a wonderful surprise!”  What did you all decide?  Was it an easy discussion or did you have to “negotiate”? 😉


3 thoughts on “25 Days Away!

  1. jonsie13 says:

    I love this post! I love how excited you are! Congratulation to you & your wife!
    Regarding gender, we found out as soon as we could at 14 weeks. With us it was never a question. I admire those who can wait, but I figured we would be surprised whenever we found out.

    • lennygore says:

      Thank you so much! Yeah every ultrasound she or we go to we have to be ADAMANT they avoid telling us the gender! Once a tech referred to the baby as “he” but she quickly backtracked and said it was only a general statement lol

  2. jaygore says:

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    My hubby’s blog 🙂

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